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Backpackers With No Money: Ways to get money on the go.

Back in 2007 I backpacked China for about 17 days. It was a very random adventure on my part. During this year I was in between my university years and I decided to work in Calgary, Alberta for the summer to make some good cash. During this time Calgary was doing really well and the pay was great at any job you worked at. So since I was in Calgary and at the time a guy I was dating was traveling in Asia I decided to meet him in China. I found a really cheap flight to Beijing from Calgary, yet I didn’t have a whole lot of cash in my pocket at the time. I went to China with a few hundred bucks in my hands and a credit card. Not knowing that most of China doesn’t accept credit cards – only Hong Kong was good for that. So as you can imagine my trip was truly backpacking it, but at the same time I experienced amazing things due to really roughing it out. Although on the other hand I was lucky to have someone with me incase of any money issues.
Now as a backpacker situations like this – running out of money can be common among us. So what do you do in a crisis like this? Well there are a few options. Some depend on how long you are backpacking for.

1.Travel Writing
Many of us backpackers always have plenty of travel stories to share to others. So why not write about them and get paid for it? It’s easy money and its fast money too. You just need to find a source in where you want to write and from there you can generate a great income to keep you traveling without getting stuck. Plus you can even write reviews for hostels, restaurants, or tours.

2.Working in a bar or Restaurant
If you want to make great cash, meet people and have a good time, take up bartending or waitressing. Where ever you travel to there will always be a restaurant or a bar that is looking for an extra hand. Even if you need a few hundred dollars it the perfect place to grab a few extra dollars in your hand.

3.Working in a Hostel
Now, mind you this is the easiest way to find a job anywhere in the world. Just apply to a hostel and from there you will not only make money but you will meet people just like you! I have known tones of fellow backpacker who have done this route in order to get some more money for traveling and they loved it! Great idea to make money if you are stuck for cash.

4.Working abroad as a teacher
Many of my friends have taught in China, Japan and South Korea and from this they have travelled to so many parts of Asia. This is not only an amazing way to learn about a culture but also experience many more other cultures around you. Plus the money is just great. Usually you can get free accommodation, and maybe a free flight back home. Oh it has its pro’s!!

5.Open ended Ticket
Now this is if you are traveling for only a certain amount of time or if you don’t want to work in another country. Purchase an open ended plane ticket before your big trip and from there you can jump on any flight if a situation occurs that is out of your “hand”. Like that lack of money. It’s a great safety net.

Now these are just a few great ways to make money on the go, but at the same time make sure you have a safety net. Not like me – going to China with no money. AHAHAHHA. I guess that’s what happens when you really want to just go backpacking eh.

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  • Rebecca

    I worked myself as an English teacher and apart from the wonderful teachong experience i got, iearned enough to go on with my trip. Teaching your own language can be a useful tool if you’re abroad and need some money to continue traveling.You can also work as a babysitter or at restaurants. Think of your best abilities and use them!! And also try to save money. Don’t spend too much on flight and hotels. There’re manytravel tours conducted to any place in the world that are really cheap. Hotel deals can be amazingly cheap if you make reservations on advance. I´m telling you this from experience. Hope it can be useful for you!


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