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Honeymoon Getaway On A Budget

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As a couple, you would simply love to get away from it all to somewhere really romantic. The only problem is, you have a really tight budget, so where could you go that would be easy on your pocket, yet give you the distinct feeling that you are on a romantic holiday? Well, pack your briefcases and get ready for that romantic holiday you’ve been waiting for!


When planning your romantic getaway, start close to home. This will save you expensive airfares, as you will be able to reach your destination very easily by car. Also, there are so many beautiful holiday destinations to choose from that even though you are only a stone’s throw away from where you live, you will definitely feel as if you have had the romantic holiday of your dreams.

Another really clever way to save money is to schedule your romantic holiday during off-peak season. There are a couple of advantages to doing this. The main thing is that most holiday destinations offer lower rates during off-peak season because of the fact that there are less holiday makers at these times. This also means that you and your partner will be able to really enjoy a lovely relaxed holiday without the usual crushing crowds.

Very importantly when planning your holiday, shop around for special offers and discounts. This doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest rates either – it’s all a matter of getting the best value possible for your money. Also, seeing that you are planning a romantic getaway, make sure to look out for hotels and resorts that have special rates for romantic getaways and honeymoons. There are also holiday destinations that have free meals included in their tariffs, as well as those that offer special deals on rental cars to and from the hotel.

Speaking of hotels, don’t spoil your romantic getaway by thinking that because a hotel has a five-star rating that you are in for the holiday of a lifetime. These high-end places have tariffs that match their rating – they’re expensive! Spend a little extra time checking on those little out of the way hotels or those never heard of bed and breakfasts – they are very cozy and because they are not well-known sometimes offer just as great a service as their wealthy cousins.

Then again, if you and your partner love the outdoors, why not opt for a romantic camping holiday? All you need is your camping gear, some food, and each other. What could be more romantic than spending quality time with the love of your life at a destination where you will only be sharing your time with the beauty of nature, the crackling fire, and the sound of birdsong?

Your romantic getaway need not cost a fortune. It’s not the price of your destination that you want to remember forever, but rather the great time that you shared together.

Lynette writes for briefcases and lives very happily with two dogs and two cats in a little village called Koringberg in the Western Cape, South Africa.

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