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Meeting Fellow Backpackers & Questions

After a period of time of backpacking and meeting new people, there is a time where you will realize what are the first top 10 questions you might say or someone else might ask you.
It’s funny, to even think there are 10 of the same questions every time you meet someone new. Although it’s completely true!
It’s a little like going on a date with someone you don’t know and starting a conversation, usually it’s the same thing every time. So below are the top ten questions we as backpackers ask fellow backpackers who we meet for the first time.

1. Where are you from?
2. What countries have you seen?
3. How long have you been traveling for?
4. What are you seeing today or tomorrow?
5. What hostel are you staying at?
6. Are you traveling alone? Or together?
7. How did you like it, I will be visit that shortly?
8. Do you know how to get to…? Or how did you get there?
9. Do you know of any great places to eat/drink/party?
10. What place did you most enjoy?

Do you ask these questions and what other questions to you regularly ask when backpacking?

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