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Spend A Night in Prison as a Tourist

Are you starting to get bored with visiting common places or cities? Or experiencing similar moments as other travelers? I came across something that may really interest you! Did you ever wonder how it would feel to spend a night in prison? If you’re going to be anywhere near Latvia or would like to simulate spending a night in prison, keep on reading!

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Karosta Prison was built around 1900 as a military detention until 1997. Prisoners who called this place home- at least for a period of time include revolutionaries, soldiers, tsarist army or any other rebel. Today, the prison offers not only tours but the opportunity to spend a night as a prisoner!

The guided tour will provide insight on how prisoners used to live, on the changes the prison underwent and it also allow you to try on some equipment such as gas masks. If you’re a little more bold, you can opt for a surprise tour. Be ready! As opposed to some other popular prisons, such as Alcatraz in San Francisco, this one allows you to spend a night in prison. Yes, you read correctly! So what does this mean? It means that for one night, you’ll live the life of a prisoner. You’ll be sleeping on prison bunk beds, eating prison meals but most importantly, you’ll be receiving orders from guards which you’ll have to complete without objection!

If you’d like more information on this experience, you can visit the Karosta Prison site.

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