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Russian Food, Do You Like Or Dislike?

Over the last few days, I have encountered many individuals who have traveled Russia and who are from there. Each time we chat about the Russian food, I get different a perceptive. Some people love the food and others completely hate it, the ones who love it mention the food is very tasty and perfect for the winter months. The people who hate it say it is because the Russian cuisine is composed of only a few ingredients. These components are bread, eggs, meat, butter, and potatoes. So the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables are not among the common essentials in the Traditional Russia food. So what is it? Is the food to complex of all carbohydrates and not enough protein, or is it just not flavorful?

So I decided to find out what is the common breakfast, lunch and dinner. The typical breakfast consists of bread, sausage, and usually 2-3 eggs. Yet, most Russians usually consider their breakfast to be their smallest meal of the day. Sometime breakfast only consists of a bowl of Kasha. Kasha is a bowl of boiled or baked buckwheat groats. Of course breakfast comes with coffee too. As for a Russia lunch, well its made up of some sort of salad. A salad includes salted cabbage and cucumber with beets, potatoes, carrots, and usually all salads have sour cream as dressing. Lunch also includes some sort of meat or fish. With dinner to follow as the most common meal in the Russian culture, it’s usually filled with many calories. Only because the traditional meal consist of beef or pork that is layered in baked or fried dough. Some times, the dough is filled with not only meat but also cheese curds, potatoes, and cabbage. Another dish would be rice stuffed in cabbage leaves, or peppers with beef or chicken rolled in sour cream.

Now as I continued my long search for traditional Russian food, it tended to feature large amounts of fat. Although the main reason for this is because people need to keep warm during the long winter months, so this type of food is perfect for that. So is this your type of good food, or would you say it’s too fatty for you?

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