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Tummy Problems While Backpacking

When it comes to traveling and trying traditional foods there can be some faults involved. What I mean by that is your stomach maybe not be accustomed to some of the unique foods from different cultures. So while backpacking, coping with tummy problems can be sometimes very difficult. A few great tips include staying hydrated (lots of water is key), do a little research about the food, and at all times be equipped with medication that can solve tummy problems.

Staying hydrated is no brainer. Everyone knows when you travel, a water bottle is always handy to have. Especially if you are in a hot climate and feeling sick, drinking liquids is the most important thing to do. This also takes away from vomiting and diarrhea. Yes, this topic is not very pretty but having an upset stomach is more common while traveling. So continue putting liquids in your body and it should solve many problems.

Before leaving on a trip, be sure to know what foods you will be encountering. Since most of the time the food you come across will not be your most typical daily ingredients. Your body may not be able to adjust to it so quickly, so being prepared and doing a little research before might be the best choice. Also, you want to know whether the water is safe and where you should consider eating. In some cities, a few foods stands might be little on the rough side so be sure to know where to eat and drink.

One mistake I did while backpacking China was bring very little medication for symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting. While I was there backpacking for a few weeks, I happened to get food poisoning twice. Each time my body reacted harshly towards the toxics in my body. At the time I happened to bring no Gravol and Imodium, which could have minimum the symptoms if I did bring it. So keep in mind when backpacking that a few over the counter medications can do wonders while you feeling at your lowest point.

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