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Nicaragua – A Backpackers Paradise!

Nicaragua, although politically corrupt and poverty-stricken is also undoubtedly beautiful, and ideal for a backpacking holiday for those wanting to enjoy nature at its best, while spending very little money. Appropriate accommodation, in the form of comfortable hostels and camping sites, is plentiful, restaurants are wide and varied, and, if you want to have a bit of a break from your wanderings, there is also some great nightlife to experience as well.

Contrary to bad reports, Nicaragua is quite safe for travelers – whether in a group or alone. The locals are extremely friendly, and most of the time, more than happy to chat to tourists. So if you’re hungry for adventure, excitement, and the fabulous natural beauty of Nicaragua, then pack your briefcases and get ready for an unforgettable vacation.

Another great thing about holidaying in Nicaragua, is the fact that there are not millions of tourists wandering around, as in other popular holiday destinations. Backpacking in this country with the idea of enjoying the peace and quiet of the countryside is precisely what you will get.

Backpackers can enjoy the spectacular beaches, many of them hidden and remote, as well as having the opportunity to explore an active volcano. While strolling through the country, you will pass through many beautiful little sea-side villages where the streets are lined with the locals trading their wares at very competitive prices.

Now Granada, a colonial city that is situated on Lake Nicaragua, is an absolute must on your travels. On the one hand, there is the spectacular beauty of nature that will leave you breathless, while on the other hand, the shopping opportunities are great – beautiful leather items and surprisingly inexpensive too!

Managua is the capital city of Nicaragua and, although very beautiful, can become extremely hot and humid at certain times of the year. Apart from being somewhat uncomfortable at times, also brings with it a lot of insects as well, so insect repellent should definitely be included in your backpack!

Consider a backpacking holiday in Nicaragua. The natural beauty of the countryside, the cities, the little villages and their surrounding areas will definitely not disappoint you; you will find and enjoy everything you expect to experience on a backpacking holiday.

Even while enjoying wandering around the country and marveling at the magnificent beauty of nature, there will be times when you will feel the need to explore the numerous specialty shops that are found in the small towns dotted throughout the country. One of the things that will catch your eye immediately is the beautiful locally handmade jewelry that is available at very inexpensive prices – perfect as a gift for someone special back home, and easy to carry around in your backpack!

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