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My Vienna Experience

At first I thought Vienna was just another city to explore and experience it’s true traditions. Although for some reason this city was much more then just exploring and wandering around the city limits, it was timeless. What I mean by timeless, well every thing that could occur within the city, it was happened to be in front of me all the times.

I backpacked this city with a good friend of mine, Erin and for the both of us we were still fairly new with the backpacking thing and all. We both knew this city was filled with music and majestic Opera Houses, but what we didn’t know was the weekend we happened to be there, was a Jazz festival, Europe’s Biggest open –air festival, and a marathon going on all at the same time. So as far as sight-seeing went we happened to only get a glimpse of each of the sites, due to all these festivals going on. Now, the city was completely filled with people everywhere, which made things more interesting but as far as the weather went it was disaster. Rain or shine the events took place so Erin and I took advantage of the all the festivals, since most of the stores/museums and other tourist attractions were closed. So as you can only imagine what happened when we took full advantage of all the festivals – well there was so much free food that we happened to never feel hungry during those two full days. Yet during the second day walking around these festivals, I did a little mistake. It was embarrassing moment for me during my travels in Europe that year.

There were tones of food stands that shared different types of foods from around the world. I thought it was pretty cool to go and try a bunch of them. At this time it was raining so much, that I was already soaked from head to toe. No matter how I looked at it, I was still trying to enjoy myself. I went to get something to eat at the British food stand, where three other stands where besides it. As I went to take my food, I slipped pretty badly due to the rain. I slipped and the back of me hit the tent next door, so I tired to get by balance and grab on to something. Well I grabbed onto the entire tent and guess what happened next. Oh ya, the entire tent with all three-food stands went down!!! I guess I under estimated my strength. Ha-ha. Oh it turned into a disaster with people around me going crazy, so I just quickly walked away hoping no one knew it was all me!!!
Yes, thank goodness not everyone knew it was me – but I tell ya, how embarrassing is that!!!

So my Vienna experience turned into something a little different.

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