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Peter Lik, A Backpacker Turned Photographer

While strolling in La Jolla 2 years ago, I noticed a gallery and stepped into it. I wasn’t prepared to see what I was about to see! What I didn’t know then was that I’d be spending over an hour in that gallery, in complete aw over the pictures I was about to see. And this is when and where I discovered the works of Peter Lik, now my favorite travel photographer.

The gallery was filled with huge pictures of true natural beauty, mainly landscape scenery. Every picture had vibrant colors. Some pictures would stand out more when lights in the room were dimmed. We were informed by one of the salesmen that the secret behind his pictures lies in the type of paper that is used for printing. We were also told that Peter Lik was a backpacker from Australia who began discovering the world at a young age. That’s when photography found him. He’s now a renowned travel photographer with 12 galleries across the US. Be sure to check out one of his museums when visiting NYC, Vegas, La Jolla, Miami, Colorado or Hawaii. It’s sure worth a stop! I guarantee that you’ll fall in love with his work!

Here is some of his work.



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