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A Backpack Fitted for just me

On my first backpacking trip ever, I really had no clue what was really entailed in the whole backpacking concept. I didn’t know backpacking books like lonely planet even existed and I sure didn’t know that there where backpacks for all types of individuals. So going forward with my trip to Europe I very much cheated in the whole true backpacking thing. What I mean by that is, I had a backpack that could be used as a backpack on your shoulders or you could use the wheels too. Oh yes, it had wheels, and within a month into the trip those wheels were the worst thing I could have thought of.

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I am not a very small person, but I am tall and have a petit build. So caring a backpack that weighed over 70lb was just a little frightening thought for me. So I decided to find a solution to help me carry all that weight without the thought of killing myself. Which is why I found a bag with wheels and that could turn into a backpack. At first I thought it was the most amazing idea. I was in love with the thought of not always carry my stuff. Well it wasn’t until I actually started backpacking that I noticed it was the worst idea. Only because when you are backpacking you are constantly getting on one train to another or bus and having to drag your case around can get annoying. If you have a backpack you can actually get on the trains much easier and you can even run towards the train, if you are late. (Which happened to me often) Even storing your bag it much easier, no matter where you are; in a hostel, train station, in a train, and on a plane.

Now you can actually purchase a true backpacking bag that forms to your body build. No matter what size you are, you can chose how big you want your bag, what size is perfect for your body and how you want your bag to feel on you. Most backpacks are fitted so your hips carry all your weight, where your back and shoulders won’t feel the tension of the weight you are carrying. This sort of thing was the ideal knowledge I wish I had before going on my one year trip around Europe. Which is why I always say, you are always learning and finding new ways to make your backpacking trip easier for yourself.

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  • Neimar Alves Guerra

    I’ve got interested on it.
    I’m wondering where did you buy it? Is it possible buying it on line?

    • naradb

      Hey! I actually got the bag at this little boutique in my hometown. I got it about 5 years ago, but I believe you could find them at any outdoors store.

      • Neimar Alves Guerra

        Ok. I’ve met a guy some time ago during a trip and he told me about a website where you give them your measures and they make a backpack personalized for you in accordance with your measures.
        He told me the website where I could make it but I’ve forgotten.
        For a long time I’m looking for something similar. I have my own backpack and despite being a little bit old I really like it but one day I’ll have to change it and I think it’s time to start thinking about that.
        Thanks for replying!!!


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