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Next Travel Destination: Japan

For many years now I have always wanted to backpack Japan. But with having to finish school and then getting into the real world, it has been push back further down my list. One of the many reasons is because of money, since Japan is expensive to travel. Well for 2011, this is the year that I say I need to go and backpack all of Japan. My plan is to backpack for at least three weeks or more if I can afford it and if I can take the time off from work.

Here is a list of the places I want to visit when I get there.

1. The first thing would be landing in Tokyo and visiting the big city. Since the city is so big I would grab hold of a local tour and explore the depths of the enchanting city. Once Tokyo is complete I know of some great day destinations from the city I want to adventure off to. Such as the town of Nikko that is known for is solemn pilgrimage site and the town of Kamakura which is known to contain one of Japan’s best collections of shrines, temples and famous for its Buddha statue.

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2. The next stop will be visiting Japan’s second most popular tourist destination, Kyoto. It was once Japan’s capital and it also contains the best-preserved examples of Japan’s feudal history due to it been undamaged in World War II.

3. Very close to Kyoto is the city of Osaka where it’s one of Japan’s most modern economic cities in the country and besides the city are tones of great getaway destinations, such as the city of Nara. Nara is one of the main places I have always wanted to visit, since it is my name and it one of Japan’s oldest cities. It is filled with Temples that represent both Shinto and Buddhism.

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4. From the city of Nara I want to further my backpacking path towards Hiroshima, the place also now known for a “peace center”. Not only do I want to visit the memorial museum but also the island of Miyajima for it famous torii gate.

5. Next stop will be Nagasaki, another “peace center”. Although in the 1600 the city was known for its most European flavor of all the Japanese cities.

6. Now still deciding what to visit between visiting Fuji Hakone Izu National Park or visiting the northern parts of Japan to explore it’s wildlife.

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So far it’s a basic planning idea for my trip to Japan. If anyone has some great destination tips, please let me know.

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