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Crazy Backpacking Sports

In every country there is always a different sport or activity that I want to try. Most of them are extreme and over the top, but to me it’s all part of the backpacking experience. Below is a list of activities that I want to try in my further backpacking adventures.


I am not too sure if I am brave enough to even take the leap but I sure what to see if I can do it. This activity is dangerous but imagine jumping off a high cliff into crystal blue water below and feeling a huge thrill merge into your body. Pretty amazing eh? It’s an activity that is filled with much risk, excitement, courage, and focus. Would you try it?

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The Zorbing Ball

Many friends of mine have experienced this thrill, and I sure want to. It’s a sport that is well known in New Zealand and it all about throwing yourself down a hill. This latest sport involves you going into this giant plastic ball that is pumped up with air and sometimes water inside too, that has you rolling around inside while throwing yourself down a slope. Sounds pretty fun to me.

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Slack lining

If you have great balance and love heights, I would recommend this activity. There are many destinations around the world that you can try this sport, but one of the most popular locations is Norway. This sport entails a stretched tight line between two anchor points above a very high point. The line is usually very bouncy and has dynamic nature to it so it’s enough for you to walk on it. Yet there are usually other lines for your hands to hold onto, so your balance is more stable. A little scary?

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Volcano Boarding

Yes, many of us board in snow or on sand but have you have tried boarding down a Volcano? Many backpackers now go to Nicaragua’s Cerro Negro Mountain to try this crazy sport. With a helmet, kneepads, and a thick body suit to protect your entire body, you can easily reach speeds up to 80km/h on your board going down this volcano.

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