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Traveling is much like Yoga

This may sound funny, but to me it’s true: Traveling is much like Yoga. How? Well for me, traveling is part of a yearly routine. It grabs your excitement when you book your trip and it takes your mind off everything when the date of the adventure creeps up. When the time comes to ditching everything at home and running on that plane to some unknown destination, you start to forget about everything such as work, bills, and that daily boring routine. Everything shuts down and the only thing that starts up is your traveling mind.

I find it very similar to starting fresh and feeling a pleasant thrill emerge around you. Traveling is not a solution to running away from your day-to-day problems in life, but it is a way to regain that strength and look forward to another trip. As for me, once in a while I get this annoyed feeling where I just know it’s time for a trip. So I book the trip and the next thing I know I am booking another one for the following year. Yes, it’s a bug that keeps me traveling.

So how is this similar to Yoga? Well the same feelings appear, but just in a different mode. Yoga for me drives me into a different world. It brings together the mind, body and spirit that helps me manage my relaxation. Yoga grabs all those thoughts within the day and shuts them down so you can recognize your body’s feelings. This shut down is the same shut when I leave for my backpacking adventure. The only thing on my mind is this traveling mode, and nothing else. Yoga is the same, but its focus is on the body.

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