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Fun Travel Facts

Today is Friday and that means it’s the last day of the work week. Let’s end it with some fun travel facts!

What does Qantas stand for? We’ve all heard of the Australian air carrier but what exactly does it stand for? It’s an acronym for Queensland And Northern Territories Air Service.

What’s the shortest flight in the World? The shortest scheduled airline flight is from the Scottish island of Westray to its neighbor island, Papa Westray. The flight is 2 minutes!

Which country has the largest population of one-hump wild camels? That would be….Australia!

The longest river in the World? That would be the famous Nile. It runs from Uganda to Egypt for 6,650km.

Which mammal can’t jump? The elephant. Thank god it can’t jump! We’d feel the earth trembling!

What’s the longest road in the world? The Trans Canada highway begins in Vancouver (B.C) and ends in St John’s (Newfoundland). It’s 7,821km.

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