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Essential Items in Your Day Backpack

Whenever I backpack to a new country I always have a side, daypack that has only a few essential items in it. I hate carrying around a lot of stuff when I do go sight seeing, so knowing what to bring for just the day is always helpful.
Below are a few items that are a must have in your travel day bag.


No matter what climate you in, water is an essential part of your daypack. In order to keep the sightseeing going and feeling comfortable, water is the solution. So always have a clean water bottle with you.


Whether you are in a big city or traveling around the countryside, a map of where you are is always handy. Even if you aren’t sure how to read it, there might be a time that it will come in handy. As for traveling in larger city, having a public transportation map and a timetable is smart idea. It’s a great way to get hassle free from locals, when you look like you know where you are going.

3.Mints or gum

Often at times, I will be traveling around a city and feeling so tired that only solution to keep me going is to eat mints or chew gum. Either one of those keeps me up or going to see new places, no matter how tired I am. Plus this way I don’t waste a day in sleeping at the hostel. Although, I only do this when I am not hungry.


Now days, this is an essential part of everyone’s day bag no matter if you are traveling or not. Although when I first started traveling, carry a smart phone never existed. However, today there are so many advantages to having a phone with you. Not only do you feel safe, but also if you don’t have a map you can always use the GPS on your phone, or internet/ make emergency calls.

5.Hand Sanitizer and Lip Balm

For me these two items are important to have in my day bag. First off, whether I am in a hot climate or cold, keeping my lips moisturized always makes me feel better. Hand sanitizer is just a must! There are so many times where you have no access to soap, so cleaning your hands before you eat in not always going to happen. So keep the hand sanitizer in a handy place is just smart.

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