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Brigadeiro. A Taste of Brazil


I was actually in Montreal when I first tasted brigadeiros, a Brazilian dessert. It was delicious and I couldn’t eat just one! So I knew that I had to eat some more when traveling in Brazil. And I did. And I did again. YUM! One year after eating my first brigadeiro, I got the itch to attempt making them. Surprisingly, it’s easy!

What are brigadeiros anyway? Brigadeiros are Brazil’s national truffle, normally served at any type of party in Brazil. This type of candy was born in the 1940′s, where its name originates from Brigadier Eduardo Gomes, a politician who ran for presidency during the time it was created.

The recipe is easy, mainly because it only has 3 ingredients- condensed milk, cocoa and butter. You heat all 3 ingredients, let it cool down, roll them into balls to then sprinkle them with chocolate. And voila!  It’s paradise for anyone with a sweet tooth!

Note: For anyone in the Montreal area, I suggest you go to Chez Brazil to try brigadeiros or any other type of Brazilian food.

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