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The Best Travel Books That Will Make Your Imagination Go Wild.

During one of my more crazy days at work I decided to take about 45 minutes to have a bit of a breather. But within minutes I seemed to find myself in a bookstore of the travel section. I was really just wandering off to explore any new travel books that would be useful. However, whenever I end up in the travel section I always seem to get taken away with not only planning in my head, but imagination too. There are so many great books that can grab the attention of your eyes and take you away. A few of my favorite books that actually do this are:

The Travel book: A journey through every country in the world

Back in the day, before I ever started truly backpacking this book was always swirling around in my imagination. I was obsessed with reading all about the destinations that I knew I had to visit. And to this day I am still getting lost in this book, but now I have seen a few of the countries in this book, it just makes me plan even more backpacking trips. What is special about this book? Well each destination includes photos, descriptions, maps and a list of must things to do and see. It also gives great recommendations for ways to even experience that destination. Even if you aren’t a big traveler this book will pull you in, without you even noticing.

National Geographic’s Drive of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Most Spectacular Trips

Now, just the title of this book had me loving it. Any person, whether you are a traveler or not, all want to experience some amazing trips in our lifetime. Well this is just the book to find or get that amazing idea to actually do that. With this book offering from all types of trips from cities, coasts/beaches, mountains/hiking trails, to historical places in the world, you just can’t not go wrong. It even explores road trips; to those who love road trips I would recommend reaching for this book.

Make the most of your Time on Earth: 1,000 ultimate travel experiences

Everyone in this world wants to make the most of their lives, so a way to boost it is to read this book!!! I love this book, it just makes me want to jump into another travel trip even after I just had a few. Not only does it chat about the destination, but it goes into such depth about how to really experience that one particular destination, that makes you want to go and try it!!! Such as eating in New York City, doing yoga in Mumbai, and surfing in Australia, now this just makes your imagination go wild.

If anyone else knows of any other amazing Travel Books…. let me know. Always looking for great travel books.

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  • Tonito


    I recommend two books if your are looking at travelling to Central Asia and/or Iran.

    Drinking Arak off an Ayatollah’s Beard – Nicholas Jubber

    A Carpet Ride to Khiva – Christopher Aslan Alexander

    Two very good reads!


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