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Getting Robbed in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin Experience: From my Europe scrapbook.

Back in 2005, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to travel Ireland with her. She mentioned that she had relatives living there, so there was no question in mind why I wouldn’t take this offer up. So within a month or so I found myself taking an entire year off and spending a few months in Ireland. I had a basic plan in mind, but for the most part I was just gonna wing it. I wanted to have the freedom to go anywhere at anytime, no restrictions. So if I found a cheap flight, I would just grab hold of it and go or if I met a few new friends I would take another adventure with them. With this all in mind, my plan was happening.
After a few days in Dublin and living with some individuals, I found a job pretty easy. I literally walked into a café/restaurant and I was hired on the spot. I started right away and I was not really concerned about the money, but at the same time I couldn’t complain about getting paid in Euros. I ended up meeting tones of people and I was already starting to fall into this amazing life in Dublin. I loved working and doing adventurous things everyday. But it wasn’t until one day I was exploring the shopping area of downtown Dublin when I was caught off guard. For the most part I was always very careful with my personal, very important belongings. For some reason, I was not as careful this one particular day. I was in a shoe store looking for some new traveling, hiking shoes. I was trying a pair on, at which I put my traveling day bag down for a moment. For that one moment this young girl grab my bag and ran with it out the store. I started running after her, thinking oh no my bag!!! However, a security guard caught up to me and pulled me a side. He said don’t run after her, she might pull out a knife or something and it could end up being very dangerous. I was so upset, so I decided to go the police and report the incident. I was very lucky because the only thing I did loose was a few travelers cards (which I could get back), about two hundred euros cash, all my cards such as credit cards and drivers license. I was lucky that I had the majority of my money at home including my passport. So for the most part, I didn’t loose to much yet it can be very scary to get robbed. I can only imagine if I had my passport in there, then that would have been bad news!

But for that entire year of traveling Europe I only got robbed once and I didn’t loose anything really, so I can say I was very lucky.

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