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My Canadian Passport Stamps

About a month or so ago I had to renew my Canadian Passport. It was so strange letting go all of my stamps in my old passport and starting fresh. Even though my European Passport only has about three stamps, it still includes a little bit of character. The only reason why I have little stamps in my European passport is because where ever I go in Europe they don’t stamp and for the most part, many places in the world just don’t stamp that passport. So today I was wandering through my old Canadian passport and looking at all the stamps that don’t include Europe of course. I was actually kind of shocked in how many stamps I had, considering most of my travels have been in Europe.

So below are pictures I have been to that have been stamped in my Canadian Passport.

The Real Mexico

Jumping in San Fran, Cali

Buenos Aires

Havana, Cuba

The great wall, China

Hong Kong

At the Border of Chile, Whitewater rafting

Dominican Republic

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