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Off to Tanzania Today

Today is the big day! I’m Tanzania-bound. I managed to fit all my stuff in one backpack so that’s awesome news! I have my passport, my yellow fever certificate, my visa to enter the country so I do not predict any issues with entering the country. Once I arrive, a representative of my tour operator will pick me up. I’m arriving late and would need to hop on a taxi for an hour by myself before arriving to the town of Moshi so I asked for someone to pick me up. I always take extra precautions when traveling solo. Better safe than sorry!

I’m not too nervous. I haven’t hopped on a plane all year so I’m really looking forward to heading to the airport and chilling on a few planes before getting there. I’ll catch up on some reading and rest. I love flying! Once I get there, I have 3 full days before starting my Kilimanjaro trek. I’m planning on resting some more and taking a tour in Moshi to visit some locals and cocoa plantations. But everything is up in the air. I’ll do whatever I feel like doing that morning.

I don’t travel with technology- laptops nor phones. So I’ll give you all some news when I get a chance! Happy Holidays!

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