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Disney Movie Tron Legacy: Filmed in The Ice Hotel “Legacy of The River”

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There are many Ice Hotels in the world and many individuals usually only go to visit but never stay the night. Although in resent months, the largest and the first Ice Hotel that is made up of just ice and snow has taken the stand to be extremely unique. Why is this so? Well this Ice Hotel, “Legacy of The River” is not only the largest, but it is now part of the Disney’s film collection. The making of the new movie release of Tron Legacy was captured almost entirely in the amazing Swedish built Ice Hotel “Legacy of The River”. The Ice Hotel “Legacy of The River” is located 200km into the Artic Circle and close by the town of Jukkasjarvi. The Disney Movie Tron Legacy was not only filmed in the Ice Hotel, “Legacy of The River”, but it was taken to the next ultimate level by achieving remarkable Sci-fiction work. It was due to the electric blue Tron lighting scheme that was created from cutting grooves into the ice. Within these grooves efficient EL wire ran through them to create this amazing look for the film. The designers of this set also launched a line of similar furniture that will be out next year. So this 3D Movie, Tron is not only famous, but the set will be now filled with many exploring individuals.

If you didn’t know the main theme of the 3D movie: Tron was created by Daft Punk. Listen to it below.

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