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Things I Dislike About Backpacking

I often enough talk about I like about backpacking but there are certainly things I dislike about it. We can call those my backpacking pet peeves! I don’t have too many, which is why I still really enjoy backpacking but I do have a few.

Train, Bus or Airport Strikes while traveling

Oh man, do I hate them! I can deal with flight delays but when they are due to strikes, shoot me! It happened when I was in Morocco and it was one of my worst experiences ever! The train cabin was crammed, the tiny bathrooms were full and I had to sit on my backpack the entire time even after paying for a seat. It was hot and I became dehydrated. No fun! I was lucky enough to hop on a train but I wouldn’t have minded waiting an extra day in that case.

Having Traveler’s Diarrhea

Ok, this is really no fun at all! Especially if you’re somewhere where bathrooms are a luxury!

Finding Place for Your Souvenirs in Your Backpack

When I leave with a backpack, which is 99% of the time, I normally leave with a full backpack. So my dilemma occurs when I buy souvenirs on the road but don’t know how I’ll manage to carry them home. So what do I do? Everyone gets something small… and I began cutting on souvenirs. With all the places I’ve been, I’ve spoiled friends and family. So when I don’t have space, I don’t buy much. (It’s good for the budget I must say)

When I Can’t Sleep Because of People Who Snore in a Hostel Dorm

I know it’s out of their control, but c’mon! Why do I have to experience sleepless nights because other people in the dorm snore. There should be a rule, if you snore, you need to rent a private room!

No Hot Showers in the Hostels

I don’t mind if the water is not very hot but I can’t take a cold shower unless it’s scorching hot outside. Let’s just say that taking a cold shower poses problems sometimes.

But that’s it! I only have 5 pet peeves, which don’t bother me all that much. Do you have a pet peeve you’d like to share?

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