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For many people around the world, December 31 is a magical day because you are out with the old and in with the new. It’s a day to get ready to start new ways, feelings, and goals. It’s a day to start everything with a clean slate and let go of the old. So around the world this evening everyone will be celebrating the New Year, with lots of alcohol, party hats, food, music, love, and fireworks. Although some of the traditions around the world are just slightly different.

In France, hot wine or champagne is served at midnight, plus a church service is very common among the locals to attend. After the service many individuals will walk through the vineyards to begin the grape harvest, which marks the first day of the New Year.

In Germany, not only are celebrations big, but also so is the true tradition that takes place during this special day. A symbolize of luck and hard work is drawn by the German tradition Bleigiessen It is a fortune telling method that involves the melting of a silver spoon that is heated over a flame of a candle. The lead melts and forms into a shape that shows what luck you will have for the New Year.

In Italy, the food is what makes the celebrations so special for the evening. It is called Capodanno. Food includes lentils for the meaning of good fortune, sausages called zampone, and sweet breads that are served as the meaning of hope and prosperity.

In Japan, the New Year is a very important day out the holiday season. Japanese take it very seriously and make sure their homes are clean and decorated with festive objects to bring in the New Year. All door are decorated with straw ropes and fern leaves with oranges, which is called Shimekezari. It has the meaning of entering into good luck. Also throughout Japan the bell of the Buddhist temples ring for 108 times that show the symbol of their sins and the cleansing for the New Year.

So theses are just a few of the different traditions around the world.


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