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Three weeks till VEGAS!

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So now that its 2011, the only thing I have been thinking about is trips oh and that I am reaching quarter century in age. Yikes, in only a few more weeks I’m turning the big 25! So far over a year now I decided the only way to really make me feel better about reaching this age is to party it up in Vegas!! A bunch of friends of mine have planned to ditch work for two days and take an extra long weekend to live it up all in Vegas. I am now getting more and more excited about it, but at the same time there are so many things I want to do while I am there. Not only party and check out a few amazing clubs, but also to explore the strip, maybe see a little of the Grand Canyon, and also to see the Hoover Dam.

The Clubs I have been scoping out are The Bank, and Tao. The Bank is located inside the Bellagio where not only do you enter by heading up an escalator, but once you enter you feel all of sudden center of attention. As for the nightclub Tao, which is located inside the Venetian hotel, is suppose to be the “it” club. Not only do celebrities flock to this location but also so can you. It’s said it’s where all the club scene trends begin.

The next thing I want to do is walk in and out of the hotels along the strip. I am not much of a gambler, but taking tones of photos of the hotels and seeing all the different themes is what I plan to do during the day. Not really sure if I will have tones of time to see all the hotels, but the most fancy ones are on my list to see.

Maybe following that, if there is time seeing the Grand Canyon that would be pretty amazing since it is on my travel list. I have always wanted to experience it and go hiking around the park, but for now just seeing it for a few hours would be wonderful. Even though I am only in Vegas for four days, I think I can manage trying to fit all these sightseeing adventures in somehow.

As for the most import sight to see, the Hoover Dam that will be for sure checked off my list once I am done there. Tours aren’t too expensive, some range from $30 to about $80. Plus it’s only a few hours of exploring it, so maybe that will done once the party scene is almost finished for the weekend.

Only three more weeks to go!

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