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Zanzibar- Beaches, Parties and Culture

This is my third day in Zanzibar and so far so good. My flight from Kilimanjaro actually left earlier than expected on the 2nd so I was at the beach by 3pm that day. No complaints! I met Marie on the beach that day. An Irish girl who works in Nairobi. Her friend recently left so she’s flying solo for a few days. I’m really glad a met her because she’s the only person I met who’s traveling alone and friendly! Kendwa beach is a really nice beach but surprisingly under developed and full of Italian vacationers. Italian is getting really annoying to the sound of my ears and they are not the most sociable people because they stick in groups. So yes, I’m glad to have met Marie, with whom I’ve been going to beach parties with, having dinner and going on adventures on the island! The beach parties are fun, mainly because we hang out with locals who know how to dance! We went snorkeling to Pemba island yesterday and it was absolutely gorgeous! We saw lots of colorful  fish. The plan for today is to hop on dala dala’s (local method of transportation) and see where it brings us! I get bored with laying on a beach for more than a couple of hours. Although I must say, Kendwa beach is full of white sand and turquoise sea, absolutely stunning! We lose electricity every day which is odd, considering it’s a beach resort type of place. But it doesn’t really matter because it makes it that much more unique of a place.

Looking forward to going to Stone Town tomorrow to visit the cultural part of the island and admire the architecture from the Arabs. It will be fun!

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