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Adventure in Zanzibar

What an adventurous day I had yesterday! The day began at 11am when I met my friend Marie. We had a quick bite to eat and walked to the main road. From there, we hopped on a minibus full of locals and got off at Kinyasini town to then hop on a dala dala to head to Pwani Mchangani beach. The dala was completely packed so we sat on the floor. It was quite an experience being on it with full of locals. I wanted to snap a picture so badly but I feel that it would have been disrespectful to the locals since this is their method of transportation. It took us about an hour to get there and once we arrived, the beach was really quiet. It was shallow water with seaweed on the sand but still very nice. We sat by the shade and spent the afternoon reading and sleeping. This is the life! We then decided to check out the hotel and I must admit that the hotels are very well decorated in Africa. The menu was in euros however and costed a fortune for a drink! We spoke to the waiter who’s an immigrant from Kenya. On the way back, it was the same drill. The second dala dala we took and even more packed and the driver was speeding. We had bikes, wood, pineapples among many other things on the roof. It was nuts! The guy tried to rip us off when we paid. It costs 1,000 shillings to ride in a dala dala but he didn’t give us the correct change. My friend got angry and we gave him only 1,000 shillings for the both of us. That’s what he got for trying to cheat us!

Once we got back, we met up around 8pm for dinner with some other friends we met the previous night. I had a lovely dinner (octopus in curry sauce) and then we headed to Stone Town for a drink. Stone Town is an hour away from where I am staying but a local drove us for really cheap. It was fun! We had a few drinks and saw people we met on the snorkeling tour on the first day. We left around 1:30am and our friend realized that he forgot his back at the lounge, and this was when we were 5km away from our hotel! So we drove back another hour to get back in town, found his bag (lucky him!) and drove back to the hotel. I got back at 4:30am and still managed to wake up at 8:30am. I can’t sleep in!!!

The plan for today is going back to Stone Town to learn more about the history and do some shopping! I’m planning to meet up with Marcel, my Kilimanjaro friend! Hopefully, I see him. I’m the only one without a phone here. I love it!

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