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Warming the winter chills in the Mediterranean Sea

The winter climate in Greece

During winter when other parts of the world are ice cold and being rained or snowed on the sun continues to bless the majority of the coastal areas with the lush Mediterranean climate. Being a highly popular winter tourist destination in the Mediterranean region, there are numerous cheap flights to Athens that you can take advantage of to ease your winter blues with ouzo and sunshine.

Best winter Mediterranean destinations for swimming in warm waters

Although the Ionian Coast and Islands tend to get a little more rain than the other seaside locations, there is an abundance of sunnier days and warmer waters to enjoy. Another advantage of a vacation in Greece during the winter months is that the beaches are less crowded but just as enjoyable climate wise. Additionally, these warmer coastal climates of the Mediterranean make it a perfect destination for romantic couples or those headed there for their honeymoon. The following 3 islands are our top picks for a winter Mediterranean vacation in the Greek islands:

o Crete – by far, this island is the most popular for couples looking for the ideal romantic getaway as well as a winter warm-up in the Mediterranean. The beaches are pristine, the area is rich in history, and the towns or villages are inviting and warm.

o Mykonos – known as the Greek Islands’ party capital, this is not the destination for you if you are looking for a peaceful or tranquil vacation in the winter. It is always crowded here in the summer months, but certain times in winter tend to be just as busy.

o Santorini – if it’s sunshine that you crave during winter, visit Santorini Island and witness one of the most stunningly picturesque tourist destinations that you will find anywhere in the Greek Islands. Apart from the pristine beaches and spectacular sunsets, the black volcanic beach sands are what distinguish this island from most of the others.

Great places in the Med to get some sunshine in the winter

No matter where you vacation during the wintertime in the Mediterranean area, you can safely assume that there are excellent locations for enjoying the sunshine and swimming in warmer waters. When other areas are cold and gray, and the rain or snow is falling, the following three locations in the Mediterranean region are sure to convince you that vacationing in the winter can be and enjoyable experience:

Cyprus – being a mixture of Greek and Turkish cultures, this is a popular winter destination. Although the winters here tend to be a bit cooler and somewhat rainy, there are many days when the sun is shining and the waters are comfortable enough to swim in.

Italy’s Amalfi Coast – this is one of the warmer winter climates in Italy. Although the waters are somewhat chillier here than other Mediterranean areas, there is an abundance of attractions and enough sunshine to make your stay more than comfortable and enjoyable.

Monaco – still the preferred destination on the Mediterranean coast, the tiny principality is situated where France meets Italy. With more than 300 days of sunshine annually, it should not be surprising that Monaco is one of the more popular Mediterranean destinations during the winter.

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