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Diaries of my Kilimanjaro Hike- Day 4

When I woke up on Day 4, at Barranco camp (3,900m), I was feeling much better than the previous day but not 100%. I had to however suck it in because this morning’s hike was going to be challenging, as we were practically rock climbing a wall. This was also the day where the group was splitting. Those who were completing the hike in 6 days had a 7 hour hike to base camp today, whereas we were hiking 4 hours to Karanga Valley. Although I was low on energy and exhausted, the hike up barranco wall was fun. We were using our feet and hands. After reaching the top of the wall (1.5hrs), the rest of the hike was up and down, up until Karanga Valley (4,200m).  I took my time so I separated from my group once we climbed the wall. I did however insist on carrying on my day pack. It was tough but I made it to camp without too much delay. I went straight to bed! It was cold once I reached Karanga Valley camp. It soon began to rain so I was glad to be napping in my tent. The others were stuck in a mini blizzard, trying to reach base camp. My thoughts were with them! I must say that if I would have chosen to hike the mountain in 6 days like the others, I highly doubt I would have made it to the summit, given that I was suffering from the after math of my day 3 altitude sickness. It gave me an extra day to recover, which I am very grateful for!


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