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25 Today & Celebrating It In VEGAS

Today is the big day, for two reasons. One as being it’s the day I leave for VEGAS to party and two being that I am 25 years old!!!!!! EKKK. For over a year now, I have been planning this trip to Vegas for my 25th. I wanted all my close friends to come and celebrate with me, although with jobs and all a few things change. However, with over 10 of us going I am already seeing an epic long weekend.

For the past week in half I have been planning on what clubs to go to and what to see during the day. As for planning goes I am not much of one, only because I love winging it. I find it much more eventful that way. However, the clubs need to be planned out since it is Vegas! So I have decided to try out that new nightclub called Marquee. With it just opening early this month, the place will be the hot spot along the Vegas strip. As far as getting in, the lines up are going to be crazy, which is why our group decided to do the whole bottle service thing. Even though I am not much of a drinker, I rather have the convince of being served all night rather than getting lost within the crowd. So tonight is the big night were we are celebrating my 25th in one of the top nightclubs in the States.
As for the rest of the weekend, taking snap shots of the all the hotels and just overall having a blast is what I plan to do.

Now thinking about it, 25 is a big jump only because I look at as being my year to start the major travels on this list of mine. My travel list is long, but manageable considering how many places I still want to see. Well, it is said that if you are a true backpacker the number of countries you have been to should add up to how old you are. I guess I am on track since I have been to a little over 25 countries. Although for me that is hardy to many considering so many other travelers have doubled that within one year. But being full time employed in Toronto and just taking little trips here and there, I guess it’s not too shabby.
As it being said, my 25th bday is looking sharp and one that can not be forgotten.

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