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Even though I am a Canadian, the cold weather still hits me hard every winter. I hate the cold, windy air. For the most part I am always wishing it were summer, yet for some odd reason this year the word Winterlicious is following me. It maybe a hint telling me I should enjoy the winter sports more often. Although at the same time I really want to, but the thought of my toes and fingers frozen is just not that appealing. Yet, today when I woke up it was such a beautiful day, with not one single cloud in the sky that all I wanted to do was spend sometime outdoors. So as it happened to be, I grabbed all the warm clothing I own to actually feel comfortable enough in having some fun out in the chilly weather.
During this time of year in January, Toronto includes a festive approach towards the chilly weather, which is called Winterlicious. It is when all the sports and fun outdoor activities happen during a three weeks period. The downtown turns into a winter-land of fun activities that are free at which anyone can participate. So today, a bunch of friends and I decided to go skating downtown, with the temperature at negative 18. Yes, yuck but it’s not very often we all can enjoy the winter weather together. I don’t skate too often, but I do rollerblade lots so I was not too frightened in how madly I could be on the ice. As result, it was a blast. With music coming from all directions and tones of people surrounding us enjoying the outdoors, it turned out to be great. Even though afterwards my face was extremely cold, I could careless since I was having a great time. The next weekend is planned to be skiing. Well I can do that well, and I love it but now its just a matter of how sunny it will turn out to be.

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