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Part 1 – VEGAS – The Strip & Night Life

It all started with a glass of wine, 3 hours of sleep and a very early flight to catch. With only two small suitcases in our hands, my friend Jamie and I booked it to the airport in hopes to catch our flight on time. With a little luck, we found ourselves on our way to Vegas to celebrate my Birthday. Only four hours flight, and a few naps in between we landed on Friday around noonish. It was perfect timing to get to the hotel, check in, get to know our surroundings, and also meet up with all my other friends who were joining us. As 2pm turned around, I already starting the touring a long the Vegas Strip. My first stop was seeing New York New York Hotel, at which I loved. It was like walking along the small side streets of the real New York. From there we randomly went in and out of the casinos/hotels of Excalibur, Luxor, and the Mandalay Bay. Even though the Luxor is an older hotel, I thought it was one of coolest designs on the strip. With just looking up, the hotel’s shape as a pyramid grabs your attention right away.
Considering it was a lovely day, with the sun shinning and the temperature at plus 14 most of us wanted to stay outside to explore. So within a few hours of walking around, along the one side of the strip, since our hotel Planet Hollywood is dead center of the strip we decided to hit up my bday dinner at 6pm. All of us were starving after a full day of traveling, so a big dinner was on the menu. After lots of cake, bday wishes, and bottles of wine during dinner, we strolled over to the best nightclub in Vegas, the Marquee. It was a quick entrance since we had a $3000 bottle service ready for us. Oh yes, we went all out. As we entered the club all of us were shocked in how amazing it looked. There were bottle service booths that included hot tubs and a pool surrounding them, plus the main dance floor was laid out a few meters away. As for our bottle service booth, we were a little off to the side of the major dance floor, since the min bottle service was $3000. Some people we saw paid $10,000. wow. As the night laid out, it was filled with dancing and having a blast. I couldn’t have asked for a better bday, especially with a bunch of great friends to share it with.

As you can imagine the next morning, was more afternoon for all of us, but the touring of hotels was still on. We decided to check out the fountains of the Bellagio first thing. I believe the best thing on the strip is just watching the fountains dance to the music. It’s not only lovely to see it during the day, but also at night too. There is no other hotel that really compares to the Bellagio. Even though Caesars Palace is the biggest hotel, with remarkable designs I still felt the fountains were amazing. We all wander around for a bit along the strip until it was time to see the Blue Man Group during the early evening.

The Blue Man show was located in the Venetian Hotel. I really had no idea what to expect, but wow what a cool show to see. With such a variety of acts, every few minutes caught you off guard completely. It was impossible to know what they were going to do next, loved it.
After the show we wanted to check out another one of Vegas top nightclubs, XS. It is located in one of the newest hotels, the Wynn. We didn’t have bottle service, but no matter what it was easy to get in. We beat the line up since we had more ladies in our group. It was about a 5 minute wait, until we entered into the club. With only a few steps, we all stopped dead in our tracks to just admire the look of the club. Another wow, the club was half inside and half outside, with a pool surrounding most of the dance floor. It was great, because you would never get too hot considering it was half outside. Of course most of time was spent dancing and just having a blast. The night ended with all of us starving, wanting greasy food, of course.

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