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Part 2 – VEGAS – Hoover Dam & The Oxgyen Spa Bar

Seeing the Vegas strip is one thing, but exploring beyond the Vegas limits is another. There is so much beauty around the city it’s amazing. For our last full day in Vegas we all decided to see the Hoover Dam and the mountains surrounding the city. Our friend had a car so the easy part was to hit the road and wander through the red, dark brown mountains. The drive to Hoover Dam from the strip is only 40 minutes one-way, it’s not as far as most people believe to think. As we drove in and around the mountains all of us couldn’t believe how gorgeous the scenery was. We even passed by the man made lake called mudd, that has a distinct colour to it, due to the rocks surrounding it. Although when we got closer to the Dam and driving on swirly roads, it became clearer that Hoover Dam was jammed between two huge bright red mountains. The dam is huge but these mountains surrounding them are much bigger. From one look out point on the Dam, you can see across the lake that curves into a river with a shading colour of white rock along the side of the mountains. With the sun shinning, the view was spectacular. From the other side you can look down and just imagine how long it would take a penny to reach the bottom of the Dam, since it is so deep. Between the mountains there is this large bridge that is the highway at which crosses from one mountain to another. Just being there for a few minutes you are overwhelmed. We were only there for about 30 minutes, since we had to drive back quickly to have a few others catch their flight home. But for Jamie and I, we went a head to hit up a Oxygen spa bar.

Sounds funny, I know, but since we are in Vegas we decided to try it out. An Oxygen bar is suppose to be good for hangovers and it re-fresh’s your body. Jamie, I and a few others of my friends decided to try it out, with a few different flavours and all we thought it would be a fun experience. At first I was not a big fan of it. It felt so strange to breath in very warm, flavoured air, and trying to feel relax all at the same time. But within a few minutes your body starts to get use to it. It lasted about 10 minutes and soon after wards we all felt like a new person. It was great, since we had another eventful night ahead of us.

After all that flavoured oxygen in us, we headed off for some yummy Chinese/Mexican food. It’s a strange combination, but fun. There are many restaurants I found in Vegas that are very unique like this, with a mix of cultures in one dish/menu. As it was our last night in Vegas we met up with a few friends of ours who just arrived that day and decided to just wander along the strip all night and stop off at a few bars too. It was a low key night compared to the previous two.

The following day we flew out, and head back to Toronto feeling extremely tired. It felt like we didn’t sleep the entire time we were there, but I guess that’s what happens when you are Vegas. Lots of party, little sleep.

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