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Banff Mountain Festival

The good thing about having friends with similar interest is having the opportunity of discovering new things! I had never previously heard about the Banff Mountain Festival but I’m glad I had the chance of getting to know more of it last Friday.

The Banff Mountain Festival is a festival that takes place in Banff (Alberta), Canada every year in October on the first weekend that the ski center opens for the season. It reunites athletes, adventurers and outdoor lovers. Every year, this festival allows for people to send a clip of their extreme adventures where a panel will select the best ones. The festival then goes on a World Tour to present the best video clips, where most of them are shortened.


On Friday, the entire presentation lasted about 3.5 hrs, with intermission. A glimpse of what I saw:

  • Feel the Hill. A clip on skateboarding. Not just regular skateboarding…(clip is in French) [youtube=]
  • Dream Result. A clip on rafting through dangerous waterfalls. [youtube=]
  • Life Cycles. A clip about biking. Nothing like you’ve ever seen before! [youtube=]

Even if you’re not an extreme lover, this festival will definitely leave you speechless. It’s worth every penny of the $20 I paid to see it. The stories are amazing. The landscape is beautiful. It will make you want to start planning your next trip, guaranteed!

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