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Chinese New Year, Just A Day Away

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Is it your year? The Rabbit year! In just a day now, the Chinese New Year will be celebrated. With the preparations underway now, all over the world the festive celebrations will be played by many. A few of the top Chinatown locations across the world are among the following:

San Fran: This is the second largest Chinatown, besides Asia that spreads across one main street, Stockton for over 4 km long. It is also one of the oldest China towns too, stating from the early 19th century. To really feel the historic treasure of this Chinatown is to celebrate it where all the action will be happening, under the signature red gate. It’s one of the major tourist attractions in the city.

Toronto: In my home town, Chinatown is fairly big. It starts along the main street of Spadina and runs around Dundas Street West. It is the home of the best and most yummy cuisines of Mandarin and Cantonese. Plus to find the best bargains in food or clothing, the markets in this Chinatown are amazing to reach great deals/cheap prices.

New York City: Found near the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the Chinatown of the city takes over and brings in thousands of tourists daily. Like the San Fran Chinatown, the community in Manhattan’s Chinatown is over a century old. It is one of the most historic places in all of North America. This is the place were you want to spend the New Year, it is said the celebrations are something you have never seen before.

London: It may sound strange but it is true, the Chinatown in London is not one of the older city’s communities. Considering London is filled with historic sites, the Chinatown in London is only known to hold crazy festive events. They put on one of the largest shows on, such as major fireworks flying in the air, red lanterns everywhere you go, and many parades with dragons and lions dancing everywhere. Now this would be something to see!!

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