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When is a good time to trust?

You know when there is that moment where the perfect photo needs to be taken, but you have no one to hold your belongings or take a shot of you. So you take a face shot of yourself, but it never really looks that great, well those moments happen to me often when I backpack solo. It can get a bit annoying having just scenery pictures or face ones of just yourself. Although, the question comes to your mind, who do you trust when backpacking solo with holding your most important personal belonging, such as camera, money, and passport.

So who do you trust? For me, I believe no one, only because you really have no idea what can happen. Although, there are times where you need to take that extra step and risk it. Yet, when is a good time to take that risk? How I see it, is if you are traveling solo often, you quickly realize who is a good character and who isn’t. It’s that gut feeling that tells you everything. But, there is also knowing when is a good time to trust an individual, as per the situation you maybe in.

1. If you are traveling with someone for a few days, the trust will build up and therefore use it to your benefit.
2. Families traveling together are usually safe to approach. (Don’t ever turn your back towards anyone)
3. You can also approach a large traveling group/tour to help you take a few pictures of yourself.
4. Get a safe/locker from your hostel/hotel to put all your personal belongings in. Don’t have them lying/ visible out in your room or dorm.
5. Put a lock on your bag or a travel net around you bag to insure your belongings are kept safe.

I would avoid approaching a solo individual to take a photo or hold your stuff for a moment. It is more likely they could run off with your camera or belongings.
Just remember to trust your feelings and realize when is a good time to trust an individual.

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