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Day in the Life of a Budapest Tourist

Budapest could possibly be one of the most beautiful cities within central Europe. Cloaked in the shade of the glorious Buda Hills, and straddling the Danube River it offers a thriving, vibrant, and sometimes romantic retreat for many tourists. Travelling to this exquisite city is easy, and with the use of hotel comparison websites travellers can ensure that their stay is not only comfortable, but that their cash is kept for exploring. And with a fantastic array of attractions and sights to discover, Budapest will over every visitor the opportunity to find something new.

For those wanting to explore Budapest’s stunning architecture there is more than enough to satisfy most people’s needs. Buildings from the art nouveau, neoclassical, and baroque periods all jostle for space, allowing visitors to flit from one style to the next. The Hungarian State Opera House is a stunning sight, as is 1877 built Nyugati Train Station and are well worth visiting.

A great way to explore the city is to take a relaxing cruise down the Danube. One can watch the city roll by in all it’s glory whilst listening to historical commentary, tourists can get a fantastic image of Budapest by taking the opportunity to sail on the river. And if a cruise isn’t enough water for one day, visiting some of the cities Turkish thermal baths is a wonderful way to pamper oneself in style.

A number of fantastic historic walks are on offer in Budapest, and whilst tourists may enjoy to simply explore the city by themselves, a tour offers the chance to discover hidden gems and plan sights than can be discovered in more detail later. Paul Street Tours offers the chance to find some of the lesser known areas in Budapest, such as the Andrassy ut, Little Ring Road and the Jewish Quarter. This latter tour is also available from Hungaria Koncert whose two and a half hour walking tour explores some of the city’s famous Jewish locations such as the Great Synagogue and Jewish Museum. Absolute Walking Tours are also brilliant for taking guided walks of the city, with several niche walks available. The Absolute Walk, taking about three and a half hours, explores major attractions including City Park and Buda Castle in addition to discovering secret backstreets and alleys. Meanwhile, the Hammer & Sickle Communist Tour takes in iconic areas and sights of the political era. Statue Park unveils statues from Marx and Engels, and Lenin, revealing the ideas behind such figures. In addition, a private exhibition room showcases communist relics from the era such as passports, medals, and currency. Finally, for those interested in another side of Hungary, the Absolute Night Stroll & Boat Cruise is ideal. Discovering beautiful night time views, legends of the nation, including vampire myths, are unveiled, along with drinks aboard a one hour Danube cruise.

With so many attractions and sights on offer visitors will be thrilled to discover something new everyday. From walking tours and thermal baths, to Hungarian cuisine and beautiful architecture, Budapest offers a wealth of intrigue. And for those visiting the city, any stay will be sure to leave them eager for more.

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