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A Backpackers Valentine’s Day

Making a destination romantic often falls to the part of the travelling couple. Whether it’s a beautiful sunset on a quiet beach, or a thrilling evening meal in the city’s most decadent restaurant, all couples love something slightly different on Valentines Day. Roses and chocolates are bought as luxurious presents, and sometimes something for the bedroom too. Figleaves Discount codes are a great thing to search for if you wish to buy the latter. Whilst Paris may spring to mind as the most romantic European destinations, exploring an alternative location could prove perfect.

Venice – Italy
Many tourists, when thinking of a European romantic break, consider travelling to Paris. However, possibly one of the most romantic places on earth is the beautiful ‘City of Canals’, a.k.a. Venice. Located on the Adriatic coast this UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts stunning architecture, a romantic, Italian atmosphere, and iconic gondola’s peacefully making their way up and down the city’s canals.

Dating back as far as 421AD, Venice compromises of 118 islands which have been linked together with more than 150 canals to create this beautiful city. Whilst Venice is relatively pricey due to its popular appeal across the world, any romantic break is not complete without taking a trip here. Soaking up the Venetian culture whilst riding in the back of a gondola is the perfect date, especially at sunset when the ski is slowly fading to dark. A maze of stunning little backstreets are simply asking to be explored and a day can happily be lost by discovering hidden gems between the buildings. Meanwhile, a visit to the Grand Doge’s Palace is vital, as it is the cities most famous building and embodies the Venetian culture.

Amsterdam – Holland
Whilst many may not associate Amsterdam with romance, it is the perfect city for couples wanting to spend time together whilst exploring a vibrant, sexy, and trendy urban retreat. Often called the Venice of the north due to its many canals, Amsterdam offers a great mix of history and modern culture for couples to discover. Discovering the little streets by bicycle is a fantastic way to spend the day, whilst a trip on a canal boat is a must for any tourists taking a romantic retreat. Although some of the red light district can be distinctly seedy, many areas are very trendy and cool, offering a sexy insight into this iconic destination. If this kind of holiday is what you like make sure you check out Figleaves Discount vouchers before you leave.

Amsterdam is also famous for its fantastic museums, including the Van Gogh museum which offers a rare treat to see distinctive works of art. Quirky architecture is commonplace throughout the streets, whilst a relaxed atmosphere allows couples to explore at their own pace.

Spending Valentine’s Day in either Venice or Amsterdam offers the fantastic opportunity of exploring a romantic setting together on the most romantic day of the year. Whilst couples can send each other beautiful flowers, and stunning chocolates, spending time together in a romantic European location can result in not only the best Valentine’s Day ever, but a holiday that will be remembered forever.

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