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Hot Spots To Spend Your Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentines Day!!!

Here are a few quick amazing hot spots to spend your Valentine’s Day , with your lucky someone.

Ottawa: The capital city of Canada and also one of the capitals for many wonderful outdoor winter festivals. Take a long stroll or skate down the world’s largest rink. The Ottawa canal is not only great to see and skate on, but to also capture many of the world-class ice sculptures. These sculptures turn ice into something magical. Plus yummy food and hot chocolate along the canal is so so good.

Quebec City: As many of you may know, one of the world’s ice hotels is located in this city. Where you can cuddle up with you special someone on a bed of ice and not even feel cold. Now that is something magical. Plus Quebec City also holds the largest winter Carnival in the world, that runs all winter until the last day which is today. It includes outdoor activities such as sleigh rides, skating, snow shoeing, and there is even a Ferris wheel. Very romantic.

Blue Mountain: A place that I wandered off to last weekend. If you want great skiing and a perfect charming village to fill your Valentine’s day up, take a drive to this mountain in Ontario. Not only is the skiing great, but you can also adventure off to trails that run along side of the lake and small little rivers. So moon trekking around this town is one of the major highlights. Just make sure you are all buddle up warmly, or your other half can keep you warm too.

New York City: If you are heading down a little south towards New York City make sure you check out the shopping districts, a few art galleries, wander around the major hotels, and of course see central park. This is the perfect time of year to check out the beautiful park, more so than the summer. It is usually filled with fluffy white snow, locals enjoying their walks, children sleighing, and sometimes families having picnics. If you are really feeling the festive Valentine’s spirit, be sure to dive into a wonderful café and enjoy some afternoon tea.

These are only a few great getaways to enjoy with your special someone, but be sure to truly enjoy the day no matter where you are.

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