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What Has Traveling Done To You?

I usually write about what I think about traveling, however I decided to ask a few people that I know who have travelled;

What has traveling done to you?

As most of you are aware, traveling for me has broaden my perceptive on life. Not only towards my own life but towards cultures, individuals, history, knowledge, and even love. No matter what your travel destination is, you always learn something new, and will always be sharing something unique to others. Travel for me is a never ending learning experience, at which never gets boring.

- ” Traveling has opened up my mind to other cultures.
It has given me a sense of accomplishment.
It has opened my eyes to new opportunities!”
– Amber Foss

- ” Travel has made me want to take chances in all areas of my life – to take the opportunity to introduce myself to random people, say “yes” to something I would normally turn down, and be open to opportunities that present themselves everyday.”
- Natasha Melo

- ” Travelling has made me realize that our culture doesn’t always do things the right way. It has made me realize how our Canadian accent is pretty darn ugly! It has also made me realize to take time for relationship- slow down and greet people, get to know someone, enjoy conversing with new people.”
- Brittany DenOuden

- ” Travelling has given me the confidence to be independent and actually enjoy spending time in my own company. Travelling and all the unexpected things that happen, has taught me not to overreact and just go with the flow. I think travelling makes you quite resourceful. Travel makes me appreciate home and not to take for granted what’s on my doorstep. Travel still hasn’t completely cured my dislike of flying!”
- Vicky Fellowes

- “Travelling in my experience has made me realize that the world is such a small place. It’s because of this realization that I am no longer reluctant to leave the comfort of my home ground. Everything is in short reach, and we only have a finite amount of time to see every place.”
- Konrad Paliga

- ” That’s easy. Traveling has made me a better listener.
Exploring (in my opinion) is about understanding.
People, languages, culture, etc.
Listening, as the saying goes, is the best way to it understand. “
-Ashan Mirza

- ” Traveling has given me confidence. It has allowed me, not only to understand and appreciate, but to realize the infinite beauty, mystery and complexity that is the world. By doing so, it has instilled me with vitality that will always be at my disposal. So if I ever spiral into negativity, or if I’m ever feeling down, I can always reminisce — and return to a healthy/happy/energetic state of mind.”
- Aldrich

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