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Best Shopping Streets in the World

No matter where in the world I find myself, I’ll always make a quick shopping stop. Let it be in local markets or on very famous streets, it’s a must! Below is a list of some of the most famous shopping avenues I had the opportunity to visit. Shopping just never gets old!

1. Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles, US: There was no way I was going to visit Los Angeles without strolling down Rodeo Drive. Let’s face it, I can’t afford anything on that street but it’s so worth visiting! An absolute must when in the city.

Rodeo Drive

2. Fifth Avenue, New York, US: Most of you have probably heard of Fifth Avenue. Again, it’s not a street I can afford but definitely a must see if you’re in NYC! Maybe one day I’ll buy something from this famous street.

3. Avenida Florida, Buenos Aires, Argentina: I love this street in Buenos Aires! If you’re in Buenos Aires and looking for shoes, you definitely need to make a stop on Avenida Florida. You’ll find one shoe shop after another… it’s paradise!

4. Bahnhofstrass, Zurich, Switzerland: A relatively small city but I love this street because it’s so quaint. I have to admit that I bought primarily one item when visiting Zurich. CHOCOLATE! Yummmmm!

5. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Milan, Italy: You won’t miss this Gallery if visiting Milano. I enjoyed a latte at the Gucci store. So random but it’s so Milan!

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

6. Avenue Montaigne, Paris, France: Ok, so this is one of those streets I couldn’t afford anything again! But, there’s nothing better than strolling down Av Montaigne and daydreaming when in Paris. Again, I hope to one day buy a few items at Dior!

7. Gran Via, Madrid, Spain: I was on a tight backpacker’s budget so I was so happy to see an H&M on Gran Via! It’s an affordable street to shop on. No complaints!

8. Market in Marrakech, Morocco: This was a monster market! It was such a great experience to visit this part of the world to begin with and then browsing through the narrow alleys of the marker was fantastic. You can find anything from food to purses to shoes. Negotiation is an absolute must. It was a great way to shop and experience the culture.

Market in Marrakech

9. Khao San Rd, Bangkok, Thailand: If you’re a tourist in Bangkok, you’ll definitely stop by Khao San Rd. Shops and restaurants make up this street but so do artists! You can easily spot custom jewelry for relatively cheap!

10. Newburry Street, Boston, US: I love Boston. Newburry is such a cute street! One shop after another, you certainly cannot get bored. From brand name shops to local ones, there’s something for everyone.

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