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The Feeling Of “Home”

For many of us, our lives in our home countries can consist of very boring activities. We have the daily weekday route of our jobs, but beyond that we still keep everything pretty dull. Nothing like an adventure or trying something new would even cross our minds for a weekend fun. I find we end up doing the same thing as we do every weekend or if we do switch it up a bit, it’s nothing too fancy. Why do we keep our lives so boring when we are at home? If you look at your life so far wouldn’t you say all you’re most exciting adventures/great memories are usually when you are away in another country? Maybe it was on a quick vacation or even a backpacking adventure. But no matter what, it’s usually never at home in your own country.
When you are traveling or even visiting in another country, you never think twice about trying something different to an extreme activity or eating something bizarre. It’s just a GO no matter what. No matter how you look at it when you are home and in your own comfort zone there is never a fun/crazy adventure that will strike. You usually don’t take that extra leap to try something different and explore beyond your comfort zone.

Do you think it’s cause we leave it that way and just let a vacation/backpacking trip or some sort of getaway fill in those holes? Therefore is would make it more of an exciting holiday.
Or do you think it’s because we all try to think the same and follow everyone else? A holiday should equal fun, adventure, trying new exciting things. Many Canadians on average only go on holiday once a year.
Or maybe it’s just our attitudes towards being home compared to not being in our comfort zone while we are away.

Well either way, I believe an adventure or going out and trying something different will spice up your daily life compared to the regular route. Take more weekend trips to different places, explore a little, try an unusual activity, and eat something abnormal. Try to think of fun, exciting activities you can do while you are home.

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