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Explore a little of Mali

Throughout my travels, I rarely came across backpackers ever going to Mali or who have ever heard of it. So I thought I would highlight a few great sights to see within this country in Africa.

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The top few places to explore in Mali are:

Ancient Villages: Many of these villages are cut into the cliffs of Bandiagara and many of these cliffs haven’t been touched for years. The people who live there have kept their traditions very lively and make sure their village is kept as a secret as much as possible. These villages have been listed as World Heritage Site.

La Boucle de Baoule National Park: This park is known to be one of the many highlights within the country. It contains many southern Sahelian species of animals such a hippos, lions, giraffe, and leopards.

Bamako: The capital city of Mali. Of course the main thing to see is this city are the markets. With array of colours, a diverse of smells, and mix of products, its one of most interesting places to seek. Bamako is also known to be one the many modern towns in the surrounding areas. With educational centers, National museums, zoos, and craft centers, many locals flock to the town to receive an education.

Timbuktu: Is well known place for camel caravans to arrive to a place for its astonishing 14th century mosques, and tombs. Timbuktu is the center place for these caravans to trade products such as salt and gold.

Djenne: The world’s largest mud-brick building better known as the Granda Mosquee. It was found in 250BC. This is one building you must see while you are here.

Gao: One of the ancient cities in the country, that is known for is excellent markets, tombs of Askia Dynasty, and the mosque of Kankan Moussa. This city was built in the 15ht century, so it’s the perfect little place to wander around and check out the buildings.

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