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Best Places to Nap on the Road

I don’t quite understand how one can get tired when traveling but it happens to me, and I’m sure it happens to the most of you. Exploring new sites, walking around cities, visiting museums, hiking a volcano and ok- partying. I guess you can easily get tired from backpacking but let’s just say that you can sometimes get creative with finding a place to nap. Especially when someone like me loves to sleep!


Most big cities have a main park you’ll eventually visit. My experience with parks is simple. I start walking in the park, then I realize that I’m a little tired from walking around so much, sit on the grass or on a bench, and take a nap. If it’s too sunny, I’ll find shade, otherwise, if you see someone napping with no blanket in the middle of a park, yup, that’s me!

Buses and Planes

Most people have trouble falling asleep on buses who are taking sharp curves or on planes experiencing turbulence. But guess what I’m doing in the meantime? Sleeping… gosh I love to sleep. If I’m tired, there is nothing that will stop me from going back to bed. I’ve slept through one of the worst turbulence experiences of my life on a flight from Tokyo to Bangkok. Most people were freaking out while I simply went back to “bed”.

On Beaches

On one of my first trips as a teenager in Acapulco, Mexico, I remember waking up on the beach one morning. Of course, I had a hotel room waiting for me that night but after going out and hanging out on the beach with some friends, it was easier for us to sleep on the sand then walk back to our room. And no, we didn’t get kidnapped!

In Churches

I know, I know, churches are a sacred place. But they really become useful in two instances. The first when you’re tired, the second when you’re cold and need to warm up. It’s such a peaceful place and I can easily take a nap for a few minutes. So serene… i love it!

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