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Love Affair. Traveling

While I was at work today, I kind of went into this reminiscence mood. Thinking about how easy it was to just go and backpack without double thinking about anything. However, today it feels that more and more planning needs to be involved when it comes to a trip in mind.
It has really been about five years since I did my year of backpacking. Oh so long ago. I don’t know why, but I sometimes wish it would all come back just because back than while traveling things seemed meaning less. There was nothing to worry about besides keeping an eye on my passport and money. For the most part, everyday was filled with a new adventure, new people and a new atmosphere. It was a year of learning something new everyday, without sometimes realizing it.

As for today, I sit at my desk just thinking how reality can be boring and very uninteresting when it’s compared to traveling and seeing new cultures everyday. Although, I must include that my life as a typical routine during the week can be filled with amusing activities during the weekends, yet I truly do that to make life a little more interesting. However, for most individuals how often is it, when you feel freedom? Meaning, exploring freely around a new environment and learning something entirely different from what you are use to. It’s maybe once a year, during your vacation, so this is the part when I say that love affair of traveling ends pretty quickly. It’s nice, but is it enough? Well as I always hear from others, they still wish they were still away. So for the most part, I guess looking back at my backpacking adventures during that one year bring a smile to my face, since yes my love affair of traveling has ended but only for that one particular year. As for today, yes a year of traveling won’t be in the cards for me at the moment, but traveling for a few weeks here and there will be. So, yup the planning of trips is more laid out, but the trips never stop even if’s more difficult.

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  • Mel

    I couldn’t agree more Nara!! I miss it, that oh so sweet love affair of traveling! Reading your article brought me back to the cobblestone streets of Europe, to that feeling of wanderlust… What days those were! As you said, reality hits and it falls to a few weeks a year ! Sad right?!! I guess we just have to make the best of it ;)


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