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New York City & It’s Movies

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Is there a place where you would love to go to more than once? For the most part, once I see a place I say its time to explore another scene. Although, lately I have been thinking about visiting the city of New York even though it is a city I have already explored. But, for some reason even though it has been eight years since I have been, I feel that I truly haven’t grasped the whole New York thing. I think I still need to emerge myself in the whole New York City scene. The only reason I speak of this is because I recently saw the movie the Black Swan. As most of you know that movie was filmed in New York City and basically around the surrounding area of the Lincoln Center. This area is where the love of art can be seen. With many buildings such as the homes of the Metropolitan Opera and the New York Philharmonic. Yet, not only was this Oscars Movie filmed in the vibrate city, but so was so many other great movies such as:

I am Legend: This movie showed many scenes of the Washington Square Park. The famous arch in this park was just recently refurbished that cost over $16 million, that now brightens the New York City’s university campus. It is now one of the main highlights to see, while you do visit this amazing city.

The Adjustment Bureau: This new movie, that actually just came out was mainly filmed around the area of the Brooklyn Bridge. This bridge was the first steel-wire suspension bridge in the world. It is one of New York City’s landmarks and it’s also a perfect place to see the gorgeous parts of the Brooklyn Heights.

Ghostbusters 2: Yes, this is an older movie but a goodie. With the Statue of Liberty hitting many of the scenes in this movie, it brought many viewers to love it. Well I can’t really say too much about this landmark: Statue of Liberty, since everyone who visits New York needs to see this sight.

Die Hard with Vengeance: A thrilling movie back in the day, but also a great movie to peak at one of the greatest sights in New York; Central Park. The gem of the whole city lies in the park, where not only picnics are happening, but also weddings. It is a wonderful place to get away from the busy and bustle of the city.

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  • Daphne | OneTwentyTwo

    I love NYC! I use to hop the train/bus up there while in college all the time and the great thing about the city is that there’s always something new to discover. I was there for a weekend trip a few weeks ago and it’s amazing all the stuff you can do in a few hours :)


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