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Traveling: a few things I can’t comprehend

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Even though I am a backpacker, I still have a few things I don’t get about traveling. These things range from one extreme to another. Some people may think they are weird, but in my opinion these are the things I truly don’t understand.

-Why other backpackers complain so much about the country they are traveling within. So why are you still in that country? I ask.

-Why is it so easy and relaxing when you travel through customs in other countries rather than entering into your own.

-Why do some people dress up so much when they are getting on a plane for a long journey? Don’t you want to feel comfortable when you are on a long haul flight.

-Why tourists eat the food they are use to, compared to trying the country’s unique foods.

-When on vacation, why do we feel the need to still have our phones or electric devices around us still?

-No matter where you are in the world or what you are doing such as a vacation or backpacking, why does style still matter. Fashion is still viewed no matter what.

- When staying in a hostel and backpacking, why do some girls feel the need to wear so so much make-up, while they are roughing it out as a backpacker.

- Why is it so much easier to travel alone and so easy to make friends, compared to when you travel with someone. It usually more likely to make less friends, when you have a travel partner.

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