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Movie in the Making, 127 Hours


I finally had the opportunity to watch 127 hours, a movie inspired from Aaron Ralston life changing experience. Aaron, an avid mountain climber went on a solo trip to the canyon without letting anyone know about his adventure. Accustomed to traveling alone, he meets a few people along the way and then takes off. While he’s trying to get to a narrow passage into the canyon, a boulder shifts while he was leaning on it and both him and the boulder fell into the passage. This is where the story begins. Where he spends 127 hours, trapped in a canyon, with his hand stuck between the wall of the canyon and the boulder.

The movie got a lot of attention in various festivals. I really wanted to watch it simply because it’s about adventure. Maybe not the good kind, but it can happen to anyone who enjoys taking risks. My verdict? It was an interesting film, although not the best. But this is what I did love about it. To enjoy the movie, you really need to put yourself in the head of the main character. To understand what he was going through psychologically during the entire time. The flashbacks he was experiencing but just his state of mind. His level of courage to get himself out of that situation when there was no other way out.  This story is truly inspiring and really opens your eyes about the importance of letting your family and friends know where you’re going. Especially if traveling solo.

For all you adventurous folks out there, this movie is worth seeing. It’ll make you appreciate life that much more!

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