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My First Childhood Travel Memory

Have you ever tried to look back to remember your first childhood travel adventure? Well today I came across a few pictures of when I was young and traveling with my family, although I started to think about what was my first childhood memory of traveling. I couldn’t remember, I thought back to many of the trips my parents took my brother and I on. I guess since my family was always big on traveling, I just couldn’t remember the very first time I went somewhere. Yet, there were a few vacations I remember very well, so I guess my first memory of traveling all started in the Bahamas.
I was about six years old, when we went to the Bahamas. I remember everything pretty clearly, especially the beach and the main city, Nassau. My family went for a one-week mini vacation. Since now one week for me is way to short and I usually classify it as mini. We stayed in a small hotel that was right on the beach at which was also surrounded by a very large golf course. The golf course was beautiful, only because it was built on this hillside, where at night you could walk to the top and see the sunset. As I can remember the hotel was not one of those allclusive places, so the only thing that attracted many tourists to this certain location was the golf course. But maybe back than too, the alclucive thing was not so big either. Anyways, since most of the tourists where only there for the golf, the beach was never that packed. So there were tones of room to make sandcastles and play in the sand. I remember loving it. Since my parents have always been the traveling type, there was one day we went into town. I remember that being an adventure, with some crazy bus driver that drove like a maniac. With my falling out of my seat and trying to hold my brother in place. I think my parents soon after thought it was a bad idea to bring us into the busy city. Plus we started to walk around the main street to find a good place to eat, but there was nothing. So we ended up at McDonald, at which did not go so well with my mom. She has never liked the fast food place, especially on vacation. Yet, the food seemed so so good, since it felt like we were walking for hours. Once we got my to the hotel, I remember spending the remaining time of the beach and swimming all day. It was the perfect vacation for me at that age, warmth, sand and swimming, it was all play for me. So what was your first childhood travel memory?

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