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Spring Skiing at Le Massif

There is nothing better than some spring skiing: sunny and mild days, fresh snow and just plain fun! At this time of the year, most people start to feel impatient with the end of cold weather and the snow melting. Although I am one of those people, I still get one last chance to enjoy my favorite winter sport without freezing my butt!


Le Massif is a mountain in Charlevoix, about 1.5 hours passed Quebec city from Montreal. Although it may be a drive, it’s worth every kilometer! It’s a very scenic area, where all you see are some mountains (1,000m), hills and the Saint-Lawrence river. The mountain itself is impressive, not because of its height but because of the view of the river while skiing down the mountain. Le Massif is located right by the Saint-Lawrence river so the view from up there are impressive!


If you’re planning to take a trip to Le Massif, a day pass is $64+tx and open from 8:30 (or 9am on weekdays) to 4pm. I didn’t see many hotels while driving in Le Massif area. However, you can easily rent a chalet (country house) for the weekend, or you can stay in a hotel closer to Mont-Ste-Anne, a mountain in between Quebec city and Le Massif. It’s definitely worth a trip! Skiing on Le Massif gave me goose bumps because it reminded me of Chamonix, France!

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