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What is the best beach in Mexico?

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I have been to Mexico a couple of times, but never to a resort. So yes, I have seen the true Mexico but all of you who love the Mexican beaches tell me what is your favourite spot!

1. Cancun – It’s the perfect place for the package- holiday deal and to grasp all that relaxation. With clear, calm waters that are perfect for scuba diving and swimming with dolphins. The beach is known, to be one of the softest beaches in the entire country.
2. Acapulco – Back in the 1950 and 60’s this was the hot spot for all those celebrities. But as for today, it is now more known for those adventures type of individuals. Since there are great cliff diving spots, including the perfect place to go jet-skiing, and parasailing .
3. Manzanillo – This hot spot is more known as the fairyland area. Only because golden beaches are everywhere, with a crowd of attracting surfers, and many fashionable individuals bathing on the beach. But what is also great, is the swimming, kayaking, and horse-riding at night along the beach. How romantic is that?
4. Cabo San Lucas – This 33km stretch is now where all the Hollywood lovers seem to be spotted. The beach is filled with swimmers and beach volleyball lovers, yet the resorts around this area are also known for their golf courses.
5. Playa Del Carmen – Not only is the beach famous at this location but so is the world’s second largest coral reef. So a snorkel is a must at this location.

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